Tanzanite Fragrance Lamp

by Ashleigh & Burwood


Crafted from gorgeous jewelled shades of blue ombre glass, this Lamp is a gift to be treasured.

Beautiful, elegant and desirable – our Fragrance Lamps will fill your world with fragrance like nothing else. Utilising a catalytic combustion technique, our Fragrance Lamps actively purify, cleanse and perfume the air in the home, removing malodours and contaminants. Used in combination with any Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrance, you can scent and purify your air at the same time!

This lamp is packaged in a recyclable cardboard box and can be recycled at home among other household items. The vac form inside the box is unable to be recycled at present – but we’re working on it!

Royal blue fades in to transparent, creating a sleek modern design.

Use your Fragrance Lamp for between 30-40 minutes at a time for incredible air-purifying fragrance.

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