Tala Smoky Marble Glass Work Top Saver

by Tala
  •  Glass Chopping Board Non-Porous Surface won't Absorb Strong Odors or Stains, a Quick Wipe and it's Ready for the Next Task, So Will Always be HYGIENIC This Glass Chopping Board Work Top Saver is Made of Smooth Tempered Glass, has Exceptional Resistance to Heat that Allows you to Set Hot Items from the Stove, Rest Hot Pots and Pans during Plating without Fear of Damaging Delicate Surfaces
  • This Beautiful Glass Worktop Saver Protects your Kitchen Surfaces from Spills & Scratches This Glass Worktop Saver is an Essential Feature in any Food Preparation Station, the Rubber Feet keep it from Slipping on the Countertop, Providing a Sturdy and Convenient Place to Chop, Slice, and Dice Food and Ingredients While Keeping Surfaces Gleaming and Clean
  • 40 x 30 cm

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