Smart Sharp Dual Knife Sharpener

by MasterClass
Designed to keep your knives in optimal condition, the MasterClass Smart Sharp Knife Sharpener is a versatile tool that provides professional-grade sharpening. Featuring two cutters, the tool has a tungsten steel sharpener for stainless steel knives and a ceramic sharpener for ceramic knives, as well as fine honing of stainless steel knives. This professional knife sharpener is suitable for both straight and serrated knives, ensuring that your knives are not only sharpened but also honed, giving them a razor-sharp edge that lasts longer. One of the standout features of the kitchen knife sharpener is its suction grip, which ensures that the sharpener stays firmly in place during use, eliminating any risk of slippage. This feature allows for safe and effortless sharpening, even for beginners. Includes a 10 years guarantee.

Key Features:
  • MasterClass knife sharpener
  • Specialised cutters for both stainless steel and ceramic knives
  • Suitable for both straight and serrated knives
  • Sharpening and honing sharpeners
  • Suction grip ensures no slippage
  • Smooth and sharp results
  • Wipe clean only. Clean with a damp cloth or non-abrasive brush. Do not rinse with water
  • Always rest the sharpener on a sturdy, flat surface and use the handle of the sharpener for stability and control when sharpening
  • 10 years guarantee

Price Correct: 18/04/2024

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