Santa & Snowman Door Stop Draught Excluders

by Widdop & Co

Bring some rustic warmth and festivity to your home with these Santa Claus & snowman doorstop draught excluders. From the Alpine Escape collection by Santa's Workshop - turn your home into a haven of Scandi folk festivity.

Details: - These charming functional home accessories are handmade from red and white striped fabric with brown faux fur trim and brown faux leather boot details.

They also feature rustic twine and wooden buttons.

They are weighted with beans to hold light-medium weight doors. 

H:40cm x W:80cm

Place at the bottom of a door to exclude draughts or hold it in place. Your Nordic winter cabin awaits. With a true sense of hygge, warm textures and muted Christmas colours are key features of the Alpine Escape collection. Repeating festive patterns, felt, pine wood and snow embellishments dust this collection of decorations and gifts with the warmth and serenity of Scandi style. 

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