Prestige Smart Plus 6L Pressure Cooker

by Prestige

Good things come to those who… don’t have to wait too long – a third of the time, in fact, if you cook your food in the Prestige Smart Plus Pressure Cooker. With a capacity of six litres, you can cook enough to feed your whole family – and with versatility, safety and ease of use coming as standard, you may soon find it’s never off your hob (it works on induction hobs too). Oh, and cooking quickly saves you energy too.

Two pressure settings

Reaching pressure quickly, you can choose between 8lb (3.6kg) and 12lb (5.4kg) settings depending on what you’re cooking. And what can you cook in a pressure cooker? Well, almost anything. Ribs that fall off the bone; stews, curries and casseroles; creamy risottos; fish fillets; bread and butter pudding… just to give you a few get-in-my-belly ideas.

Safety first

With years of pressure cooking expertise behind them, you can rely on Prestige to keep safety in mind. For example, the Smart Plus has a mechanical locking device that ensures you can’t open the lid when the contents are under pressure. They’ve also included a directional pressure regulator to make sure steam is safely released away from you. And so you know when the cooker is up to pressure, there is a visual pressure indicator that rises up when your chosen pressure setting is reached.

Includes a steamer with a food separator.

Stainless steel cooking pot is dishwasher safe.

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