Premier Gel Ice Pillow

by JA Lyttle

Our Premier Gel Ice series combines the adaptable comfort of our Cloud Memory Foam with the refreshing feel of our Cool Gel Technology. Handcrafted Ice Fabric delivers a cooler sleep surface, ensuring you get the deeper, more complete night’s sleep you’ve always needed.

It’s the perfect combination of comfort and support which moulds to the contours of your head & neck, naturally aligning your spine and adapting to you.

Ice Fabric

Our Ice Fabric is specially craftd to maintain a cool, refreshing feel for your head and neck whilst you sleep.

Memory Foam

Our premium Comfort Memory Foam moulds to the natural contours of your head and neck.
Cool Comfort Gel

Our advanced Cooling Technology is infused into the memory foam itself. This allows for a more natural feel that is adaptable to you.

Better Feeling

A soft, supple feel meets unparalleled support and all-around comfort.
Price Correct 21/06/2022

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