Porta Blue 40L Easy-empty Pedal Bin

by Joseph Joseph

Say goodbye to lifting out heavy bin liners that snag and tear and hello to Porta™, the easy-empty kitchen bin. Its unique front door opens wide giving you full access inside, making it much easier to empty, clean and replace the liner. The soft-close, stainless-steel lid features a replaceable odour filter to help reduce unpleasant smells and a deep rim that hides untidy liner edges from sight. With Porta™, taking out the trash just got easier.

  • Door opens at the front to make emptying the bin easier without needing to lift heavy bags or risk them ripping
  • Faster and easier to add new bin liners and clean inside compared to other bins
  • Integrated odour control cuts down on smells with replaceable activated carbon filters
  • Hands-free pedal opening and soft-close, stainless-steel lid with fingerprint-proof coating
  • Works perfectly with our custom-fit IW5 bin liners but can also be used with standard liners
  • Capacity: 40 litres (10.5 US gallons)

Price Correct: 19/04/2024

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