Pebble Filter Teapot

by London Pottery

Teatimes should be calm, soothing, and most of all, relaxing. With a striking shape that evokes images of smooth, sea-softened, pebble-lined beaches being gently washed by peaceful waves, London Pottery's Pebble loose teapot is the perfect partner for a renewing brew. This grey teapot features a patented loose leaf filter. It allows all the flavour of your favourite loose leaf varieties to steep and infuse, but without any rogue leaves ending up in your cup. The result is a smooth and superior-tasting brew. Its unique design is the work of renowned ceramic designer and director of London Pottery, David Birch. The infuser teapot's glossy grey finish and unusual, pebble-like shape make it a wonderful addition to teatimes, and a great gift for tea lovers.

Capacity: 4-cup 

Price Correct: 02/03/2024

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