Natural Elements Jute Bread Bag

by Lifetime Brands
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Bread is one of the most wasted foods around. However, the Natural Elements bread bag can help put a stop to that. This double-layered sack is a plastic-free alternative that helps to keep bread fresh for longer. It features an outer layer made of fast-growing jute, and a 100% cotton lining. Together they let the bread breathe, preventing moisture from being trapped and condensation from forming. The bag also helps to stop the loaf drying out so quickly. You can store up to two average-sized loaves at any one time in it. Its use of rustic materials gives it a distinctive look that will sit well on a kitchen countertop. When it's not in use, it can handily be folded down for easy storage too, making it a space-saving alternative to a traditional bread bin.

Price Correct: 18/05/2024

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