My Planner/Notes

by Artebene
The smart "My Planner" note system in an elegant crocodile design! The cognac-coloured cover with snap fastener keeps your thoughts safe and elegant. The all-rounder for every day can not only be equipped with your favourite spiral notebook, but all your loose notes with creative ideas can also find space in the cover's slip-in tabs. The black and white notebook inside the "My Planner" contains 240 pages that are just waiting to be filled with your notes and drawings. The high-quality off-white paper doesn't let anything show through and offers you a dot grid for flexible design options. The MAJOIE cover can be filled with a new ARTEBENE notebook with golden spiral at any time by simply sliding it into the cover. In this way, the MAJOIE "My Planner" notes gives special moments of happiness over and over again - whether as a gift for yourself or for your dearest friend or colleague.

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