Mission Colour Throw

by Biederlack
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This extraordinarily designed blanket ignites a firework of colours. Made from an easy-care cotton blend, it's tightly woven and has a soft pile that shows off the colorful zigzag pattern beautifully. A contemporary crocheted hem frames the Biederlack ceiling and sets colourful accents.

The blanket made of high-quality cotton mix not only looks good, but also warms wonderfully and is wonderfully soft. Also ideal as a sofa blanket or as a bedspread.



Size: 150*200cm
Material: 58% cotton / 35% acrylic / 7% polyester
Grammage: 415 g/m²
Fabric: Fine yarn
Character: Pleasantly light and easy to care for
Edging: Linked decorative stitch
Country of manufacture: Made in Germany
Use: sofa blankets, snuggly blankets, bedspreads, throws, home blankets
WASHABILITY: The blanket can be washed in a special gentle cycle up to 30°C. The couch blanket stays cuddly for a particularly long time if you let it hang to dry in the air. 

Price Correct: 26/07/2023 

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