Mathilde M. Antoinette Diffuser

by Mathilde M

Object of refined decoration, this diffuser of room fragrance Mathilde M. continuously perfumes your interior with Antoinette, a scent imagined as a floral delicacy where gourmet honey meets a bouquet of white flowers. Delicately arranged in the bottle, the natural rattan stems soak up perfume by capillarity, then releasing it for several weeks. The glass cap allows you to close the bottle to stop the diffusion at any time, if you have to be away for example.

This box contains:

  • A diffuser of room fragrance Les Intemporels parfum Angélique 200 ml
  • 9 white rattan stems of 30 cm


 Our tips for use

Arrange the rods directly in the diffuser so that they soak up the room fragrance. Renew the recharge or change the scent according to your desires to extend the life of the diffuser to infinity.
You can vary the intensity of the fragrance by adding/removing stems or turning them over.
The duration of your perfume diffuser depends on how often you turn the stems, the temperature of your room and also the season.

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