Mandarin Blossom Candle Box and Soap Roses

by Mathilde M

Whether to offer or to please you, let yourself be seduced by this elegant box Escale à Sintra with azulejos patterns. It contains irresistible treasures: delicate roses of soap and a candle scented with Mandarin Flower, an irresistible fragrant mosaic where the scent of mandarin trees mingles with a sunny accord of ylang and orange blossom, to finish with roundness on an exquisite vanilla. A sparkling and solar scent...

The candle is composed of a 100% cotton wick and has been cast by hand in our workshops, with a high quality wax to ensure optimal perfume diffusion.

This box contains:

  • 8 roses of soap nude perfume Rose
  • A scented candle 70 g perfume Mandarin Blossom

The diffusion time of the 70 g candle is +/- 28 h.Collection Stopover in Sintra Let yourself be transported for a sunny stopover in the heart of the Sintra

At the gates of Lisbon, the summer residence of the royal family reveals the secret of its unique charm: its emblematic azulejos.
Since the sixteenth century, these small glazed ceramic tiles adorn the most beautiful architectural achievements of Portugal. The richness of their patterns and the brilliance of their colors give them authenticity and poetry.

Our tips for using
Candle: during the first use, be sure to let the wax melt over the entire surface to prevent a "tunnel" from forming the next use. Cut the wicks of the candle to 5 millimeters in height before each use. It is best to burn your candle in sequences of 2 to 3 consecutive hours maximum. Be sure to leave at least 0.5 cm of wax at the bottom of your candle.
Soap roses: Place a sheet of soap in your hands before adding water. Lather and rinse. A single sheet of soap is enough per wash. Each sheet of soap is for single use.

information Photophore composition: glass
Soap roses and candle composition: see Characteristics
tab Candle dimensions: ⌀ 5.6 x 6.8 cm Soap roses dimensions: ⌀ 3.5 x 5.5 cm - 4 g
Box dimensions: 13.3 x 7.5 cm

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