Magimix 3200XL

by Magimix
The Magimix 3200XL Compact System food processor in Cream colour is a great choice for the busyfamily home kitchen. Truly multifunctional, the 3200XL is a 6 in 1 solution, offering the versatility to knead, blend, chop and shred a wide variety of foods, freeing up valuable worktop space. With its minimal footprint for such a powerful and versatile machine, the 3200XL can easily knead a standard sized loaf (600g), grate up to 800g vegetables or blend up to 1 Litre of soup in the main bowl.

Operation is easy too, with just three buttons (stop/auto/pulse), the Magimix motor automatically adjusts power depending on what's in the bowl, making all your food preparation effortless. The professional grade stainless steel Sabatier blades and discs ensure you get the perfect results every time, too.

Supplied with recipe book, as well as access to the free Magimix app - a fantastic resource for helping you create delicious dishes.

Please note: home use only. No commercial warranty.

3 ABS and BPA-free bowls: Main bowl (2.6L), Midi bowl (2.2L) and Mini bowl (1.2L)
ABS and BPA-free lid with extra-large feed tube (W135mm x D73mm x H83mm)
Accessory box
BlenderMix® ring Disc support Dough blade Egg whisk Grating discs (2mm & 4mm) Recipe book Slicing discs (2mm & 4mm) Spatula Stainless steel Sabatier main blade Stainless steel Sabatier mini blade Triple pusher

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