Ice Cloud Pillow

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Because we could all do with a little pocket of irresistible luxury. These pillows really are the bee's knees each one beautifully enwrapped in a soft quilted bamboo cover that helps to wick away moisture, offering the perfect surface to lay your head. With individual pocket springs that evenly supports your head and neck so that you feel like you’re floating on a cloud and ultra-breathable foam that performs outstandingly by relieving pressure in all areas and made using materials that have undergone extensive testing for harmful toxins. A pillow for all types of sleepers. 

  • Rest your head on this performance Hybrid Pillow.
  • Specifically designed to balance your head and neck using the support of the individual mini pocket springs and the X8 IceCLOUD foam.
  • Mini Pocket Springs: Provides an instant comfort with bounce for those that prefer an immediate supportive feel.
  • With air mesh borders for incredible air circulation that improves a deeper sleep.
  • A bamboo cover that wicks away heat from the body, to ensure a dry comfortable sleep.
  • It’s gloriously comfortable, with all the give and cosiness you would expect from a hybrid mattress.
  • Medium comfort - great for back, front and side sleeping lovers as it's decidedly comfy. 
  • Features OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and certified so you can rest your head with ease knowing your pillow is free of harmful substances and suitable for sensitive sleepers.
  • We would always recommend using a pillow protector on all pillows as this will make even the most natural of pillows anti-allergy. Making them effective in shielding dust mites and bacteria from breeding inside the mattress, which are a significant cause of asthma, rhinitis and eczema.
  • 45 x 70cm - Standard pillow size.

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Price correct at 27/07/2023

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