Ice Cloud Comfort 2200

by JA Lyttle
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Price displayed for a double mattress on 02/04/22

The Ice Cloud Comfort 2200 is a perfect medium to firm tension, ideal for the majority of people including side or back sleepers. 2200 springs perfectly balance support with comfort and ensure a good medium/ firm feel. This mattress will be ideal for the majority of sleepers without special requirements. The Comfort 2200 includes our anatomically adjusting zoned spring system. This zoned support system ensures a perfect support to the heavier parts of your body whilst not being over supportive on your lighter areas, ensuring good support at all times.

Ice Cloud Vs Blue Memory Foam

X8 Ice Cloud foam is NOT memory foam or gel foam.

One of the most important differences between X8 Ice cloud foam and memory foam is the way it contours and hugs your body. Memory foam slowly contours to your body, trying to mould into every body shape. X8 Ice Cloud foam, by contrast, allows graduated compression, providing support without an enveloped feel and resulting in a cooler sleep.

X8 Ice cloud foam is a lighter feel, with more bounce, a faster response time, less hug, and a more generalized compression. The unique properties of X8 Ice Cloud foam allows for greater breathability and a cooler nights sleep.

For many sleepers these unique properties helps prevent the stuck or overly enveloped feel that can sometimes accompany memory foam.

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