Hot Pan 26cm

by Kuhn Rikon
Save 50%

Our Swiss made Hotpans are the perfect product for a busy, modern family ... they practically do the cooking for you!

Start cooking your meal on the hob in the stainless steel pot, transfer the stainless steel pot to the coloured melamine bowl and not only will it stay warm for up to 2 hours it will also continue cooking.

This means a busy cook can start a meal on the stove then go shopping, for a run or pick up the kids and when they return they’ll have a nutritious meal ready to be served or put on the table for everyone to help themselves.

The airproof cover protects aromas, vitamins and colours. It also rehydrates the food as it keeps in the moisture.

You actually use 60% less energy than conventional cooking methods because of the Superthermic® sandwich base and by finishing off the cooking process in the melamine bowl.

Our Hotpans are suitable for all hob types, including induction.

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