Green Silicone Masher

by Kitchencraft
KitchenCraft believes that even the most common, everyday kitchen tools can be improved upon. That’s why they challenged themselves to re-invent that Sunday lunch essential: the potato masher. Here’s the result: a smart, all-in-one mashing and serving solution that combines top-of-the-line materials with brand-new, ‘why-didn’t-they-think-of-that-before?’ features, and a soft, understated colour palette that’s perfect for sophisticated kitchens. With its comfortable handle and ribbed base, this smart masher turns gentle pressure into powerful potato mashing force, making it easier than ever to create smooth, fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth mash. When you’re done, the scoop-style edges of the silicone head allow you to scoop, lift and serve your mashed potatoes with ease. The cooking spoon is made of hygienic, non-stick-safe silicone. Look out for matching items from KitchenCraft’s Colourworks Classics collection.

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