Easy Pro Non Stick Pan 28cm

by Kuhon Rikon

Great, everyday frying pan that’s easy to use, cooks brilliantly and it’s energy efficient. 

You’ll get even cooking throughout the pan for perfect frying. Use this pan for rustling up a cooked breakfast, making an omelette for lunch and frying fish, a steak, or fried halloumi for dinner. 

Easy Pro combines forged aluminium with a tough non-stick finish to create a practical pan that’s a joy to use. Forged aluminium absorbs, stores and spreads heat efficiently, so you’ll get even cooking, no hot spots and won’t need to use high heats.

The highly impressive non-stick surface ensures that food releases perfectly.

This pan can be used on all types of hob, including induction. It is also ovenproof, up to 240°C. For added versatility you can use the same pan on the hob as well as in the oven.


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