Drying Rack

by Brabantia
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This tower drying rack from Brabantia provides you with 23 metres of flexible drying space in just one square metre of floor space.

It can hold a full load of laundry and even has space for long laundry items like trousers or dresses, simply unfold it and adjust the wings.

You can even dry delicate laundry by lying it flat across the platforms. This airer boasts space efficiency at its best.

Features and Benefits

  • Space-saving - You can pop this on your radiator or on the back of your door to dry your clothes without taking up masses of space.
  • Compact - If you're not using this then you can pop it away as it will fold back down.
  • Spacious - You can gain 4.5m of drying space to make use of to get your clothes dry in no time at all.


  • Fold-out design
  • Adjustable wings
  • Transport lock for easy movement
  • Suitable for flat drying of delicate items
  • Protective floor caps
  • Drying space: 23m
  • Room for a full machine load of laundry
  • Dimensions: H135 x W67 x D5cm

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