Disposable Plastic Icing Bag

by Kitchen Craft
Icing little cupcakes, biscuits or celebration cakes for a special occasion should be loads of fun, not a chore. With these disposable icing bags, you can enjoy total convenience. Simply take one from the box and cut the end. You can either create your own tip or add a nozzle. Once you've packed in your favourite icing, a simple squeeze will see you giving your sweet treats some stand-out decorative touches. They're very versatile too. Fill them with fresh cream to pipe onto delicate, flaky pastries, chocolate ganache to decorate rich chocolatey tortes or royal icing to decorate fairy cakes and biscuits. And when you finished? No worries: simple dispose of the icing bag in your dustbin - there's no clean-up to worry about.

Key Features:
  • Size: 37 cm (14”)
  • Includes 20 x disposable icing bags
  • Disposable items
  • Do not expose to direct heat
  • Display boxed

Price Correct: 27/01/2024

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