Cosicement Square Fire Lantern

by Pacific Lifestyle
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The Cosicement Square Fire lantern is a contemporary take on a classic square fire lantern. This robust and atmospheric fire lantern is a real statement piece and appeals to the minimalist with the fabulous concrete effect finish. Easy to operate and easy on the eye, this fire lantern is suitable for all outdoor spaces. This model works on a 190gram gas cartridge. To use simply twist the can under the lantern, switch on the button and light your scoop with a taper or candle lighter. The scoops all burn for around six hours.


  • Cement
  • 190gram gas cartridge (available separately)
  • Burn time is approx 6 hrs
  • Gas Consumption : 30g/hr
  • Heat Output : 0.4 KW


Price Correct: 04/01/2024

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