Elevate Carousel With Tongs 6 piece Kitchen Utensil Set With Stand

by Joseph Joseph

This stylish 6-piece set contains a range of essential kitchen utensils including a pair of lockable stainless steel tongs with heat-resistant silicone tips.

Each tool features a tough, nylon head that’s suitable for non-stick cookware and heat resistant up to 200ºC/392ºF and silicone handles which are heat resistant up to 270°C/520°F. The rotating storage stand has a non-slip base making it ideal for keeping it within arm’s reach on the kitchen worktop.

The Elevate range of kitchen tools all feature a tool rest and a weighted handle which means when it is placed down, the head of the tool or knife does not touch the work surface, reducing mess and improving hygiene.

Set includes:

Elevate™ Solid Spoon

Elevate™ Slotted Spoon

Elevate™ Flexible Turner

Elevate™ Slotted Turner

Elevate™ Ladle Elevate™ Stainless-steel Tongs

Elevate™ Rotating Storage Stand


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