Colourworks Classics Silicone-Headed Pasta Serving Spoon / Measures

by KitchenCraft

Scooping spaghetti from the pan without spilling it - it's a classic culinary challenge. No one wants spilt or soggy spaghetti. So, it's definitely worthy of a timelessly smart solution that works for all kitchens. That's why KitchenCraft's created this Colourworks Classics Silicone-Head Spaghetti Server.

This spaghetti serving utensil's prongs let you tightly wind hearty portions of spaghetti so they don't slip. Push them right against pan sides. With its anti-scratch silicone coating, it's got just the amount of flexibility you need to comb every last strand. There's a draining hole too, so any excess liquids can easily drip away. However, it's more than just a draining hole. It doubles up as a spaghetti measurer - making measuring single adult portions easy.

Perfect for daily kitchen use, this spaghetti server's silicone-coated head is naturally stain and odour resistant. So, there's no need to worry about your creamy carbonaras tasting of tangy tomatoes, or it losing its modern-vintage elegance either!

Food safe
Heat resistant up to 260? (500?) 
Length: 29 cm (11½ inches) 
Dishwasher safe

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