Colourworks Classics Large Four Piece Measuring Spoon Cup Set

by KitchenCraft

For the perfect fluffy sponge, you need to be completely on the ball when it comes to measuring your flour, sugar and spices- and that includes the daunting task of converting measurements if you want to use an American recipe. 

Luckily, this set of four Colourworks Classics measuring spoons removes all the stress of measuring your ingredients, having converted them for you. And with their muted, classic colours, they’ll look great in any kitchen.

Each spoon is clearly marked with the metric equivalents to American cup portions, in millilitres (ml), making them ideal for countless recipes- everything from the secret family cookie recipe, to this week’s new breakfast idea. Even better, the clever spoon shape make these baking measures perfect for conquering those narrow ingredient jars that larger traditional measuring cups just can’t get into.

This set of four precision baking spoons is another timeless piece of kitchenware from the KitchenCraft Colourworks range, which refines and rebalances traditional designs for the modern, contemporary kitchen. Each spoon features a different complimentary colour from the Colourworks Classics palette (sage green, antique cream, French grey and vintage blue) ensuring that, not only is it unbelievably quick and easy to identify which measure you need, they’ll also be a perfect match for your other Colourworks products. Enjoy fashioning your own vintage-modern kitchen space, and happy baking!

Set of four spoons with precise metric and imperial measures 
Accurately measures 1 cup, ½ cup, ¼ cup, and 1/8 cup 
In fetching colours from the Colourworks Palette 
Held together with a robust, removable storage ring

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