Premier Professional Saucepan

by Circulon
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This Circulon Premier Professional saucepan incorporates the patented TOTAL® Hi-Low Non-Stick system, which is proven to provide outstanding non-stick performance. The hi-low interior groove system of Circulon Premier Professional gives a high resistance to abrasion and requires little or no oil when cooking, making for 'healthier' cooking.

This Premier Professional saucepan with lid is dishwasher safe and is compatible with all cooker types - including induction.
Total non-stick interior that provides outstanding performance.
Heavy gauge hard anodised cookware heats quickly and spreads heat evenly.
Stainless steel base for use on all hob types including induction.
Advanced non-stick exterior.
Dishwasher safe.
Comfortable silicone and stainless steel handles are oven safe to 180°C/350°F/

Gas Mark 4.
Close fitting tempered glass and stainless steel lids for see through cooking convenience(except milkpan and French skillets)

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