'Christmas Robin' Luxury Crackers

by Wrendale

Add a festive flourish to your dining table this Christmas with this set of six crackers. Each cracker features Wrendale’s beautiful Robin design all over, with a variety of illustrations of the wintry birds!

On the main body of the cracker is a group of cheerful, chubby birds all sticking out their bright red chests, perched on a leafy branch. The illustration is set against a pale grey background, and it is painted in the calm neutral tones in the trademark watercolour style that Wrendale is known for. The birds are surrounded by falling snow, along with the black paint speckle design that is synonymous with the Wrendale brand.

Either end of the cracker is tied together with red ribbon featuring a small pearlescent pendant hanging in the middle. Inside the cracker you’ll find a Christmas hat, a joke/animal fact and a beautiful domed glass magnet that features another beautiful Wrendale Christmas illustration. Perfect for starting your Christmas dinner with a bang, these crackers will add a charming touch to your table and are sure to be enjoyed by all your loved ones!

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