Belleek Living Reeds Votive

by Belleek

Wendy has beautifully designed and produced four additions to her range which she launched at the start of 2017 as part of Belleek's 160th Anniversary. This top emerging ceramics designer has taken her inspiration from the beautiful landscape of ther Fermanagh lakelands. Her range is handcrafted in Belleek Pottery iteself and is taking Belleek into a new direction. This Votive is an addition to the Reeds Lamp and would fit perfectly into a new refurbished or contemporary country home.

  • Standard Tealight fitting
  • 100% Designer Made
  • Comes in a stunning Wendy Ward gift box
  • Measures 8.3cmD x 8cmH
  • Safety Instructions - Do not keep lit while unattended, do not keep close to anything flammable, keep at least 30cm from surroundings

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