Baby baby with purple cozy

by Doudou
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With cozy babies, napping is great! Well wrapped up in their comfortable comforters matching their pajamas Floral print and gradient of purple. Each baby holds in his hand a small bottle and can be used independently of his comforter (2 products in 1). This comforter and her baby offer beautiful moments of play and make you want to do "like the grown-ups" which helps children to become more autonomous.

A creation Doudou et Compagnie. To be offered from birth.

  • From birth
  • Face embroidered, eyes and mouth embroidered.
  • A sweet baby wearing a hat and pajamas with a collar and a bottle in hand
  • A quilted comforter with a purple floral print, separable, in which you can slip the matching baby.
  • Soft and fluffy duo
  • 20 cm

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