Anni Lamb

by Steiff

What a cuddly little lamb! Sometimes she watches on from a bedside table and sometimes from a playground, and other times she’s back on the shelf with the other Steiff toys. Or she wakes up next to her favourite child and helps them rub the sleep from their eyes...

Measuring 16 cm tall, Anni lamb is a wonderfully soft and loyal companion from an early age. Her head is slightly raised, and her mouth, nose and corners of the eyes are airbrushed in blank and pink.

The cuddly, thick plush body is beautifully complemented by her short-pile face with characteristic lamb’s ears that will nestle into little hands. Anni lamb has a cheeky look about her and is super friendly.

She can cheer children up, affirm them and even calm them down. She’s happy to play along or watch at close quarters – even when it’s homework time. And she loves being stroked... It feels so good!

Price Correct: 25/05/2024

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