Amora Scent Hub

by Ashleigh & Burwood

Provides sensory stimulation through chromotherapy (therapy through light) and aromatherapy (therapy through scent). These are combined with the additional feature of inbuilt speakers, allowing you to send and control music via Bluetooth on your phone, tablet or any other media device, completing your sensory experience.

1 x Scent Hub
1 x Power Adaptor with EU and UK plugs
1 x Instruction Leaflet

Colour changing LED light
Ability to fix light colour
Independent light/mist control
Built-in overheating protection
Select continuous or intermittent mist.
Mist auto shut off after 3 hours, or 6 hours on intermittent setting (except LED)
Auto shut off at low water level
Suitable for use with both fragrance and essential oils

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