Amora Pure Essential Oil

by Ashleigh & Burwood

Essential Oils are commonly used in Aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine. In aromatherapy, inhaled scent is believed to stimulate various aspects of brain function and enhance well-being.

Amora's oils have been extracted from plants making them 100% natural. The plants have been specially selected for their fragrances, their oils extracted and carefully blended to create 7 different formulations to evoke various moods - 'Relax Me', 'Make Me Happy', 'Deep Breath', 'Calm Me Down', 'Bedtime' and 'Energise Me' and 'Focus My Mind' described below:

Amora Essential Oil 1 'Relax Me' - Lavender and Geranium work together to create a relaxing blend. 

Amora Essential Oil 2 'Make Me Happy' - A cheering citrus blend containing orange, bergamot and frankincense. (Unavailable)

Amora Essential Oil 3 'Deep Breath' - Inhale this stimulating blend of eucalyptus and peppermint to awaken your body.

Amora Essential Oil 4 'Calm Me Down' - Cedarwood and chamomile nestle together to create a delicate, calming blend.

Amora Essential Oil 5 'Bedtime' - Unwind and prepare for a good sleep with this restful blend of clary sage and lavender.

Amora Essential Oil 6 'Energise Me' - Kick start your day with an awakening blend of ginger and grapefruit.

Amora Essential Oil 7 'Focus My Mind' - Maximize concentration with this blend of lemon and rosemary oils.

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