Masterclass 20cm Raised Flan Tin

by Lifetime Brands

They may be retro, but sponge flans still taste and look great. That’s why they’re all the rage right now!

With its raised, removable base and clever non-stick coating, this MasterClass Non-Stick Raised Fluted Sponge Flan Tin With Loose Base makes it easy to bake delicious and impressive sponge flans.

The baking tin is made of extremely durable carbon steel, so can withstand all the rigours of a busy kitchen.

That’s why it comes with the MasterClass 20 year guarantee, as well as a five year non-stick guarantee.

It measures 20 cm (8 inches) across, so it’s ideal for medium-sized flans – just the right size for a dinner party or family meal.

Designed to last, its also covered by MasterClass’s 20-year guarantee and 5-year non-stick guarantee.

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